Assisted Shopping

Assisted Shopping

Acobot boosts conversions by guiding shoppers through your sales funnel. It helps them find what they want (product discovery), adds products to their carts, and nudges them to check out at the right point, delivering more orders and sales.

E-commerce Sales Funnel

A typical e-commerce sales funnel consists of the following processes in sequence.
E-commerce sales funnel
Checkouts are the ultimate results that merchants want. That's why many merchants focus on optimizing the checkout process. However, what decides the order volume is not checkout rate alone. The volume of the add-to-carts plays an equally important role in delivering checkouts. Regardless of how well the checkout process is optimized, if there is no add-to-cart, there will be no checkout.

Because the outputs of each process depend on the outputs of preceding processes, we need to optimize all processes for better conversion rates. That is the most effective way to increase outputs of the whole sales funnel. 

Checkouts = Visits x Product View Rate x Add-to-Cart Rate x Checkout Rate

The Problem with Product Views

Do you know your product view rate, that is, the percentage of web sessions with a product view? 

If you don’t, you're not alone. Most merchants have focused on driving traffic and optimizing for checkout, but they have ignored a critical part of the sales funnel – product views.

The percentage of sessions with product views determines how many add-to-carts, and consequently, how many checkouts, you get. According to Google, 43.8% of sessions include a product view. That number is based on Google Ads CTR and conversion data (2018). 
E-commerce sales funnel conversion statistics
Many e-commerce apps are designed to optimize certain parts of sales funnels, such as cart pages or checkout. However, few, if any, help increase product views or improve the whole shopping process. As a result, sales funnels are not fully optimized, leaving merchants with sub-par results.  

Assisted Shopping & Sales Funnel

Acobot includes a unique feature, Assisted Shopping, as one of its core functionalities. Like a personal shopping assistant, it helps your customers find what they want, choosing product options based on their needs and adding products to their carts. Customers enjoy an engaging and pleasant shopping experience. You get an optimized sales funnel that delivers more product views, add-to-carts, and checkouts.

More Product Views

When visitors land on your website, Acobot greets them with personalized messages. Then, it helps them locate the exact product they want, quickly and easily, with several taps/clicks.

Unlike search, shoppers do not have to enter anything when using this functionality. They just tap/click to choose tags that match their interests. This is especially useful for mobile shoppers. 

For shoppers, discovering products from your website becomes so easy and fun that you will get less bounces and more product views. 

More Add-to-Carts

After bringing visitors to a product page, Acobot continues to engage them as a "product wizard," using a human touch to help them choose product options. When the product options are completed, Acobot asks visitors whether they want to add the products to their carts or not. Many visitors answer “yes,” which means more add-to-carts for you.  

More Checkouts

Naturally, more add-to-carts results in more checkouts. Acobot further boosts checkouts by nudging visitors to check out on the cart page. It also uses incentives like free shipping or discount coupons to boost conversions, delivering more orders and sales to you.

Additional Benefits

Assisted Shopping not only makes your website more engaging; it also lays the foundation for e-commerce personalization, which takes your business to a higher level. 

When helping visitors shop, Acobot collects rich data about the visitor interests, enabling it to give visitors personal recommendations that they love to see.

This deep engagement also enables Acobot to apply various e-commerce techniques in highly effective ways. For example, Acobot turns more anonymous visitors into tracked shoppers (lead generation), and thus recovers more abandoned carts and converts more customers using email marketing.

How Assisted Shopping Works

Assisted Shopping is fully automated. It works out of the box without requiring any setup.

When you add Acobot to your website, Acobot analyzes your products and generates a set of tags (or keywords) in hierarchy. Each time visitors choose tags, Acobot sets new ones, allowing visitors to quickly find the exact products they’re interested in.

Acobot also automatically creates a wizard for each product to help visitors with product options.

Acobot works hard to bring no extra burden to you. All data is automatically maintained and when you add, update or remove a product, the tags are automatically updated in the background. 

What if you're unsatisfied with tags generated by Acobot?
Acobot generates tags based on your products and user inputs. Sometimes these tags may look strange to you. If that happens, feel free to share your ideas with us ( and we will work with you to adjust this functionality. 


To increase sales, you need to not only increase traffic, but also optimize the whole sales funnel. Acobot’s Assisted Shopping feature is a new solution for sales funnel optimization, enhancing product views that are often ignored. It directly boosts conversions and lays the foundation for other e-commerce techniques to work effectively. Ultimately, this generates more results. Finally, this feature is fully automated. No setup or maintenance is needed. 

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