Acobot uses three types of incentive offers to boost conversions:
  1. Discount Coupons
  2. Loyalty Program (rewards)
  3. Referral Program

Discount Coupons

Acobot boosts your e-commerce sales using the following advanced coupon features. 
  1. Personalized coupon
  2. Dynamic discounts
  3. Time-limited (urgency) coupons
  4. Automated creation, distribution and management
To enable the discount coupon feature, simply set the maximum discount percentage that Acobot can offer. Acobot will then create the coupons using the following rules.
  1. The discounts never exceed the maximum percentage you set.
  2. The minimum discount is 50% of the maximum percentage.
  3. The average discount is around 75% of the maximum percentage.
Acobot generates discount coupons on the fly to motivate a shopper to check out (conversion optimization) or give his email address (lead generation). It dynamically determines the discount percentage for the best performance. 

You should set the maximum discount percentage in such a manner that it is attractive to your shoppers while ensuring your profitability. 

To learn more, check guide Discount Coupons.

Loyalty Program

After setting up Discount Coupons feature, you can enable Loyalty Program to enhance your customer retention. Acobot will reward your customers with points when they act as you expect.
  1. Making a purchase
  2. Visiting your website regularly
Customers can redeem the earned points for discount coupons. The whole loyalty program is managed by Acobot, following the discount coupon cap you set. No setting is required for this feature. You just need to enable it.

To learn more, check guide Loyalty Program.

Referral Program

Acobot incentivizes your customers to refer their friends to your brand with a referral program. This program comes in the form of, "Give 20%, Get $20." To set it up, you only need to decide the flat discount to reward the current customers when their friends have completed their first order. We recommend you give an attractive discount based on your average cost in acquiring a new customer. 

The referred new customers will receive a coupon with the maximum discount percentage, which you set as a Discount Coupons feature.

To learn more, check guide Referral Program.

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