Our Methodologies

Our Methodologies


eCommerce Personalization is the process of delivering personal shopping experiences by dynamically showing content, recommendations and offers to specific users based on personal data, such as browsing history or purchase history.

Personalization is important to high-performance e-commerce as it not only increases engagement, but also conversions and sales.  
  1. On average, marketers see a 20% sales increase when delivering personalized experiences (Monetate).
  2. 80% of shoppers are more likely to buy from a brand that offers personalized experiences (Epsilon).
  3. 77% of consumers have chosen, recommended, or paid more for a brand that provides a personalized service or experience (Forrester). 
  4. The benefits of personalization are obvious. Unfortunately, most small to medium-sized e-commerce businesses lack the technical capabilities to implement it.
Acobot makes e-commerce personalization simple and easy by adding a unique conversational UI to your website. That UI automatically interacts with visitors through personalized messages, recommendations and offers, without requiring design or layout changes. 

It also personalizes off-site remarketing communications, allowing the personalized outreach to continue even after shoppers have left your website.


Sales funnel optimization. Lead generation. Cart recovery. Email marketing. Discount coupons. Loyalty programs.

Each of these e-commerce techniques can positively impact your bottom line. But none can make that impact alone. To get the most from your business, you will need to utilize these techniques together. 

As you keep enhancing your website by adding apps, you will eventually find that your homepage is distracting, filled with too many floating buttons or popups. The visitors will not take action and your apps will not perform – again, because they are not working together.  

To take your e-commerce business to a higher level, stop adding more apps and turn to Acobot. It is an integrated e-commerce optimization solution that ensures all features work together seamlessly and optimize performance. 

To see how this works, let’s use cart recovery as an example. The Assisted Shopping feature enables Acobot to capture more sales leads. More sales leads enable Acobot to recover more abandoned carts. Consequently, Acobot outperforms all other cart recovery apps.  

In addition to guaranteeing better performance, this integration also saves you time and money. You will only need to work with one app for all functionalities. 


Acobot was designed with your reality in mind. You are busy. And you do not have time to develop web design, coding or copywriting skills. That is why Acobot is as automated as possible. It does not require you to create content or set up any workflows. It simply works – right out of the box. You will enjoy all the benefits of modern e-commerce techniques, effortlessly. 

 The automation not only makes your life easy; it also enables you to effectively optimize your business.

 As an e-commerce veteran, you are likely familiar with A/B tests. Your business is unique. To improve its performance, you need to discover the right setting for each variable of your e-commerce system, from email subject lines to calls to action to follow up timing for cart recovery. 

Ideally, you can do this through a series of A/B tests, which apply two settings for the same variable in production to identify which works better. In reality, most small businesses cannot utilize A/B testing because it requires remarkable knowledge, skills and resources.

When you add Acobot to your website, it not only applies proven e-commerce best practices, but it also continuously optimizes your business processes, such as cart recovery or email marketing. It does this by performing A/B tests on these variables by itself. You can expect your business to perform better and better over time.

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