Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Acobot converts sales leads into buying customers and keeps them coming back by creating and sending behavior-based, personalized emails that shoppers love to open, read and click.

Email Marketing is Key to Your Success

Even with a highly targeted traffic campaign, only a small number of first-time visitors to your website, (typically 2% or 3%), are likely to make a purchase.  

You can increase this percentage point by optimizing your website, but you will likely find that the boost is marginal. 

This is not surprising – it is the nature of consumer behavior. People hesitate to buy from brands that are new to them. 66% of online consumers prefer to buy new products from brands they are familiar with, according to a Nielsen study

Consequently, most visitors leave and never return to your website.

This is where email marketing can play a valuable role for your business. You can turn anonymous visitors into tracked shoppers before they leave, which is easier than directly converting them into buying customers. You can then keep engaging them using sequenced emails, basic-format newsletters, and eventually, you can nurture them into customers. 

In addition to acquiring new customers, you can also improve customer retention using email marketing. By continuously enhancing your relationships with customers, you can increase their purchase frequency, enlarge value per order, and even turn them into brand advocates. 

Email is incredibly effective at driving sales. A study from the Data & Marketing Associate found that for every dollar spent on email marketing, businesses can expect an average return of $38. Other research backs these findings up – studies predict returns ranging from $32 to $44.

Email marketing can have such a critical impact on your bottom line that you should always consider it a core part of your e-commerce business.

Fruitless Newsletters?

Newsletters are the most common form of email marketing. Our research in April 2020 reveals that 90% of Shopify stores have a newsletter form on their home page. 83% of them do not perform any email marketing activities other than sending out a newsletter.

If you have hustled to create perfect newsletter emails but you never see the expected returns, it’s probably time for a change. Consider the following. 

If you send one email a week and the conversion rate is 1%, the average newsletter conversion rate according to Remkarety, your list must have more than 700 subscribers to obtain one conversion a day, on average. If your list is smaller, you’ll have to grow it to see results.

You’ll also want to consider your conversion rate. If it is below 1%, you need to improve the following performance indexes for your newsletter emails using A/B tests.

  1. Open rate: Subject lines
  2. CTR (click-through rate): Relevant content, attractive images, strong call-to-actions
  3. Conversion rate: Landing pages

Finally, regardless of your list size or the optimization level of your newsletter, you can easily obtain more results by adding behavior-based, personalized emails to your email marketing strategy.

Haven't Set Up Your Newsletter Yet?

If you have not set up your newsletter, there’s good news – you’re not alone.

Our research conducted in April 2020 reveals that 41% of active Shopify stores do not send any marketing content in the five days after visitors sign up for their newsletters. 

Just like you, many e-commerce business owners want to utilize the power of newsletters but do not possess the necessary knowledge, skills, time or money to set it up, not to mention optimizing or A/B testing.  

It’s not your fault. Email marketing should not be this difficult. But because you’ve opened this web page, you do not need to worry about email marketing anymore. With Acobot, you can skip newsletters, add advanced email marketing capabilities to your website, and start enjoying the benefits of behavior-based emails in minutes.

Behavior-Based Email Marketing

Different from newsletters, which are sent on a predefined schedule, behavior-based emails are sent when certain events are triggered. Examples of such events include:

  1. Browse abandonment
  2. Cart abandonment
  3. Order follow-up
  4. Inactive customers
  5. Member follow-up
  6. Personalized recommendation

Behavior-based emails always outperform newsletters in terms of open rate, CTR, and conversion rate as a whole. According to Remkarety, the average conversion rate of behavior-based emails is 3.83%, which is 283% higher than newsletters!

How Acobot Email Marketing Works

To enable Acobot Email Marketing for your online store, you only need to set up a single preference – the check-in interval. This is the number of days that you’d like to wait before sending an email to shoppers who have not interacted with your website for some time.

You may choose one of the following values that best fits your business:

  1. 1 week
  2. 2 weeks
  3. 1 month
  4. 2 months

The default value is one week but you may want to choose a longer interval if your products are expensive, complex, or slow in updating. Tip: 49-52% of U.S. consumers say they would like to receive promotional emails from their favorite brands every week.

After enabling the Email Marketing feature, Acobot will immediately start engaging your sales leads and existing customers with behavior-based, highly personalized emails. The triggers it tracks and utilizes include:

  1. Browse abandonment
  2. Cart abandonment (see also cart recovery)
  3. New arrivals
  4. Price changes
  5. Coupon expiration (see also discount coupons)
  6. Product refills 

When a shopper has not visited your website for the number of days you defined, Acobot will check in with a special offer or personalized recommendation based on the shopper’s history.

Acobot writes emails that recipients love to open, read and click so you don't have to. It constantly optimizes performance through A/B tests. 

You just get more sales as more visitors are converted into customers and more customers regularly come back to your website.

If you have already set up a newsletter and it works well, feel free to keep it. Behavior-based emails and newsletters can work together to generate even more results. However, check your email frequency to ensure your subscribers do not receive too many emails. When you have enabled Acobot email marketing, we recommend sending no more than one email newsletter a week. 


Email marketing is key to your e-commerce success. If you are unable to set up your newsletter or you have set it up but get minimal results, consider behavior-based email marketing. You just need to set up a check-in interval and enable the email marketing feature for your website. Acobot will do all the rest. 

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