Lead Generation

Lead Generation

When helping visitors shop with your store, Acobot identifies those who are interested in your products but are not ready to buy. It turns these people into sales leads, and eventually, they can be nurtured into buying customers. Acobot captures more sales leads than newsletter forms or popups and more sales leads enable you to better harness the power of other e-commerce techniques like personalization, cart recovery, and email marketing

Why Lead Generation?

Why don't we directly convert visitors into buyers?

Generally, only about 3% of first-time visitors to your website are ready to buy. That means even if your traffic is highly targeted and your website is fully optimized, it is still hard to achieve a conversion rate above 3%.

To convert more sales from the existing traffic to your website, you need to look at the visitors who are interested in your products but who are not yet ready to buy from you. Typically, these people make up 40% of your first-time visitors.

You can't directly convert them as they are not ready to buy. However, you can turn them into sales leads, get a means of contacting them (typically email), and keep engaging them after they’ve left your website. 

Turning interested visitors into sales leads and eventually, buying customers, is easier than directly converting a first-time visitor and may result in a much higher conversion rate. That is why it is critical to ensure that your website includes strong lead generation capabilities. It’s necessary if you are serious about your e-commerce business.

How to Generate Leads?

The simplest way to capture sales from your website is using a newsletter subscription form, which is included with many e-commerce themes. According to our research in May 2020, 90% of U.S. Shopify stores have newsletter forms on their websites. When a visitor signs up for your newsletter using the subscription form, you get a newsletter subscriber, or in other words, a sales lead.

Lead Generation Challenge

It sounds straightforward – but there is a problem. Few visitors actually sign up for your newsletter. The conversion rate of newsletter subscriptions is typically below 2%.

To increase subscriptions, many websites adopt pop-ups that ask visitors to sign up when they land on or exit the website. It works. Subscription rates can be increased by 10% to 100%. That's why 48% of Shopify stores use pop-ups for newsletter subscriptions.

However, pop-ups aren’t perfect. They do not always work with mobile devices because technically detecting the exit intention of mobile users is impossible. The pop-ups may interrupt user's browsing and result in a poor shopping experience. To avoid annoying users, websites typically can only display the pop-up once to each visitor, limiting its potential to capture more leads.

This type of unproductive lead generation negatively impacts the performance of other e-commerce techniques that rely on contacting shoppers off-site, such as email marketing. 

Furthermore, many merchants do not fully utilize their sales leads because lead generation is not properly integrated with other features. For example, if a shopper has signed up for a newsletter, his abandoned cart might not be recoverable because the cart recovery app does not know how to track him. 

Capture More Sales Leads with Acobot

Through deep visitor engagement, Acobot can help you capture more sales leads than newsletter forms, pop-ups, or any other technique.  
  1. Interacting with visitors throughout the entire shopping session, Acobot gets more opportunities to turn these visitors into leads than web forms or pop-ups.
  2. Acobot assists visitors before asking for their email addresses. Consequently, most are happy to do so. 
  3. Acobot tactically uses special offers such as discount coupons or loyalty rewards to motivate more visitors to provide their email addresses.
  4. Acobot includes some features that require visitors to sign up, including cart saving. 
  5. Finally, when visitors hesitate to provide email addresses, Acobot persuades them with a human touch. Many then agree.  

Seamless Integration

Acobot seamlessly integrates its Lead Generation function with the following features: 

Persistent Cart

When a sales lead is captured, Acobat tags that lead as a known shopper and all of its features work together to turn that person into a buyer. 

How Acobot Lead Generation Works

Acobot lead generation feature works out the box. You do not need to work with any settings or HTML/CSS. You also do not need to write any content. Acobot will begin capturing sales leads for you when you add it to your website and publish its chat widget. 

Lead Generation is one of the core features of Acobot that you cannot disable.

Email Notification

Acobot will send you an email notification once it has captured a sales lead.

Acobot captures two types of leads. The first is the lead who is hoping to receive a discount or product updates. Acobot automatically follows up with them, without any effort from you. The second type of lead is looking for an answer to a question about your product or one of your policies. 

You may use different email addresses to receive notifications for each lead type. That allows you to create support tickets for the second lead type and eventually, follow up with them. 

Lead Callback

You can integrate Acobot lead generation features with your own CRM or sales systems. You would simply need to set up a callback to invoke your APIs (or web hooks) when Acobot has captured sales leads.


Lead generation is vital in converting more sales from existing traffic to your website because 40% of visitors may be interested in your products but may not be ready to buy. Acobot helps you capture more sales leads through its deep engagement with visitors. It integrates its lead generation efforts with other features so that more sales leads can be converted into buying customers. Acobot lead generation works out of the box. without needing to set up anything.

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